Overseas Private Equity (OPE) operates a global portfolio of investments. For the past thirty years, OPE has been led by a dedicated group of professionals with a passion for building successful enterprise, who collaborate with the corporate-boards and management to provide expertise and direction to the companies that we invest in.

Strategic Investment

Making successful investments, particularly at an industry or infrastructure level, requires an expert knowledge of asset management, financing, debt-structuring and capital optimization.

Large-scale industrial investment requires more than managing ‘cash-on-hand’. These initiatives involve multiple stakeholders, international consortiums, project management and require sophisticated structuring of financial instruments to ensure access to operating capital throughout the development of and into the operational phases of the project, before it becomes revenue generating.

OPE’s specialized management team has internalized the critical skills requirements to support our investments, setting us apart from other private equity houses. These vital disciplines include the professional application of asset management, financial instruments, trade finance, equipment leasing and project financing.

Our approach to private equity investment is led by identifying opportunities that fulfill a tangible and immediate need in the market.

When innovation, opportunities or discoveries with the potential to change lives are supported by business experience and investment, powerful and transformative social changes follow.

A responsible approach to investment is fundamental to our organization. ‘Private Equity’ investments are often capital intensive and require long-positions to develop entirely new markets, in this kind of investment, a sustainable approach is not just socially conscious, it is financially responsible, protecting the investment for years to come for a longer return.

Energy Sector

Investments into the ‘energy sector’ have been a long-standing part of the OPE portfolio. With the strengthening US dollar and the low-price of oil and gas, our diversified portfolio has allowed us to continue to expand, with total sales nearing three billion in recent years.

Historically, capitalizing on first-mover advantages OPE’s oil and gas company was among the first to enter the Russian oil sector in the early 90s. Through vertical integration of its investments, OPE funded companies expanded into exploration and production in North Africa, and are now key-players in the Gulf through investment into regional oil and gas trading companies.

Each of OPE’s oil and gas ventures are directed by their own autonomous management. When acting as a portfolio, they form a united group capable of managing and supplying the market’s full spectrum of energy-requirements.

Aviation Industry

OPE entered the passenger aviation industry with the leasing of aircraft to niche markets. Building on the success of these initiatives, OPE expanded its aviation portfolio through investments into the establishment of “Smile Air”, a West African focused airline. OPE’s support of Smile Air, facilitated the burgeoning airlines landmark purchase agreement for sixty-eight aircraft valued at over billion, with delivery to take place over the next four years.

With the support of major Asian financial institutions, OPE’s formation of the “Overseas Africa Aviation Infrastructure Fund” will increase OPE’s investment into the aviation sector through the construction of new airports, the refurbishment of existing airports with upgrades to runways, terminals and modernization of airport management.

OPE promotes a strong culture of self-regulation, accountability and governance within its own organization and the companies it develops. The success of our commitment to governance and accountability is reflected in our continued growth and year-on-year expansion of our portfolio and financial performance.

Regulatory & Compliance   Confidentiality

“Overseas Private Equity” is a registered investment and commercial enterprise management firm.

OPE continuously to ensure that the appropriate legal and regulatory issues are properly and professionally adhered to at all times, and that all statutory filings are submitted to the relevant governing bodies.

Our policy is to at all times, to respect and adhere to the rights and confidentiality of our clients and our shareholders.


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