Go-to Green is a Revolutionary Indoor and
Outdoor Visual Directional System that gets
People Quickly to Safety and Directs First
Responders to the Threat.
Go-to-Green is a patented directional system that uses overheard-lighting in indoor and outdoor environments to evacuate people away from an active-shooter. Continue Learning >
What is Go-to-Green?

Our system uses a simple visual lighting system linked to acoustic gunshot sensors that direct people away from an attacker and first responders to the threat.

Go-to-Green was designed as a system to accord the United States Government’s recommendations to help people in an active shooter or threat scenario to make the choice to run, hide, or fight when faced with an attacker.

How It Works

Go-to-Green uses acoustic gun-shot sensors to locate an attacker when they fire their weapon. Once the shot has been detected, a directional lighting system illuminates showing a green-lit path away from the attacker so that the largest number of people in the area, whether indoor or outdoor to safety as quickly as possible.

The lighting near the shooter turns red and flashes red and blue directly where the shooter is. Each time the shooter fires the weapon, the lighting system adjusts to show their new system and updates the path to safety.

First responders arriving on the scene move from the green towards the red zone. When the first shot is fired, video cameras activate and point towards the location of the shooter allowing police officers to identify and track the shooter as they move around an environment.

Understanding the Flight or Fight Response

The first thing to understand in an active shooter setting or a knife attack, is that our bodies are overcome with adrenaline.

We immediately lose fine motor skills, we won’t be able to analyze information, or interact with a user interface on a phone as our vision becomes a tunnel and our fingers shake

This is called the ‘flight or fight’ response and it is how we respond to danger. By understanding the ‘Flight or Fight’ mechanism we designed ‘Go-to-Green’ to be effective under stress conditions, where the lighting system allows people to make decisions based on conditioned training for ‘green’ is go and ‘red’ is danger.

Our Team

Go-to-Green has been developed by a world-class design and development team, that combines real-world experience in combat scenarios with commercial product design and hardware engineering.

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