Featured Products

Our Featured Products are a selection of some of our most-advanced systems with qualities that can't be found in other systems or equipment.

GWACS Wearable Shot Detection System

Category: Electronics
Usage: Military, Law Enforcement

The GWACS Wearable Shot Detection system is revolutionary piece of technology, consisting of a wrist worn display and a shoulder worn acoustic detection device, it will accurately detect the distance and director of incoming gunfire in under one second.

Ultra Light Ballistic Undershit - Standard

Category: Electronics
Usage: Unrestricted

Just 4.5mm thick these comfortable ballistic under-shirts can be worn under ordering clothing and are able to stop most small-arms fire penetrating the protective layer. They’re the premier body-armor protection for VIPs, Bodyguards, Special Forces and Professionals working in hostile environments. The shirts are also blade-resistant and will prevent the covered area of the body being slashed or pierced by edged weapons.