Built for Battle

Brigade represents and distributes state-of-the-art technologies employed by the world’s leading military forces.

We've taken equipment from the battlefield and converted it for use for private-sector security professionals.

Every item in our product catalogue that have been through the most rigorous and strenuous testing so have the confidence that it was built for battle.


Ballistic Protection

We have revolutionary and lightweight ballistic protection systems for people as well as physical sites that to protect you from small arms fire.

Drones and Drone Systems

We provide drone systems for civilian and military uses, including the drone platforms and specialized software, to analyze the data provided by the aerial platform.

Battefield Tactical Systems

Our battliefield tactical systems provide awareness of combat situations that can improve squad response to threats and increase overall awareness of the battlefield for command decisions.

Site Protection

We have a range of individual and combination technologies from cameras, sensors, access controls and drones that can be used to give 24/7 situational awareness at homes or critical installations.